Eyebrow Wax $15
Lip Upper or Lower $10

Lip Upper and Lower $15
Chin $10
Neck $15
Arms $35
Under Arms $20
Traditional Bikini $35 
French Bikini $45 
Brazilian $60
Modified Brazilian $55
Half Leg-Toes to below knee $35

Half Leg-Toes to above knee $50
Full Leg-Toes to upper thigh  $65

*All prices shown are "starting at" prices


For the "manly man"
To keep that well-groomed look, consider waxing of hands, neck, back, six pack, ears and nose. If you have unsightly hair, we can remove it!  "Manly man" waxing areas quoted only with consultation.  Bikini, French Bikini, and Brazilian not offered to male clients.

Remember to pick up your "No Scream Cream" and
"Get The Bump Outta Here" to ease waxing discomforts!

No Scream Cream, when used properly, will help ease the discomfort from waxing up to 80%.  This cream is safe to use on all areas of the body
including bikini, lip, eyebrows, underarms and legs. 

Get the Bump Outta Here is a safe, soothing, and effective treatment for not only ingrown hairs but bumps as well.  Get the Bump Outta Here aids in the prevention of ingrown hairs, wax/razor rash, and bumping associated with hair removal. Formulated for sensitive skin, this gentle product does not burn or leave any skin irritation.


Waxing Q&A

How long do I need to wait go get waxed after I shave?
We recommend 14 days of hair growth in the area you wish to have waxed. The hair must be 1/4 inch long, which is the width of a pencil eraser.  If hair is too short, waxing  WILL  NOT  be effective and will possibly be considerably more painful.

What should I do to prepare for my waxing?
We have found that exfoliation of the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin, making it easier to remove the hair, as well as offering you a "cleaner" wax. The Spa has a pre-wax kit available, which includes an exfoliator and "No Scream Cream". This cream is designed to offer numbing when applied 30 minutes prior to your waxing. Some clients have shared that taking ibuprofen approximately 30 minutes before their appointment time can also help with reducing pain.  Waxing just before or after your cycle, as well as being overly tired or under the weather results in a bit more discomfort during your waxing session.

What should I expect after my wax?
We recommend you take it easy after your wax. Some experience tenderness, some don't.  Everyone is different! If you are having a bikini or leg wax, we suggest not wearing tight fitting pants after, and try to avoid exposure to the sun and hot water.  The Spa reception offers a product which can help heal your skin after waxing, as well as helping to prevent ingrown hair, razor rash, and post-wax skin irritation.  

Before your appointment:
We recommend freshening yourself prior to your appointment and taking time to relax.  Being anxious or nervous about your waxing appointment may contribute to higher levels of discomfort. If at any time during your wax you are too uncomfortable to continue, please advise your technician. The technician is unaware of your discomfort unless you speak up, but do keep in mind, the results surpass any amount of discomfort.  
~ Because the integrity of your skin can be compromised by tanning and medication: no tanning for 24 hours prior to your waxing appointment, no antibiotics for two weeks prior to your appointment, no accutane for three months prior to your appointment.
~The final decision to wax - or not to wax, is at the discretion of your aesthetician.  

Why wax rather than shave?
When you shave, the re-growth of the hair is blunt and "stubbly". When the hair is waxed, the "tip" of the re-growth of the hair is softer. Over time, hair re-growth will result in less hair and finer in texture, however this does take time - many months! Although a great alternative to waxing, for the begining leg waxer, you will not experience the same smoothness as in shaving because of the "growth cycle" of hair. There will always be some hair too short to wax, resulting in a "fine stubble" after waxing, until your repeat waxing results in a diminished re-growth.