The Grotto... a hydrating body treatment journey

The Grotto Hydrating Body Treatment
Step into the cave-like structure for this self-guided hydrating body treatment journey you can enjoy alone or with friends. In a “social setting” with everyone in swimwear or pool/beach attire, a spa attendant will cover your exposed skin with a specialty body masque formulated with aloe, moisturizers and conditioners. Moving deeper into the cave, you enter the desert heat region where the heat relaxes your skin allowing the body masque to seep into your pores. When ready, travel into the Monsoon area where the torrential rain, from multiple shower-heads, rinses your body clean. The final part of this hydrating body treatment journey is the Rain Forest, where the cool mist chills your body, trapping the body masque to offer the benefits of softer, smoother and more hydrated skin for several days to come. Relax and enjoy chilled water or hot spa tea before you continue with the remainder of your spa treatments.$50

 Enjoy The Grotto with any spa service of $60 or more, $25

As this is a self-directed treatment, the time you spend in The Grotto is up to you. Last treatments begin one hour before closing. No appointment required for this first-come-first-served experience. Wait list will be used during busy times.



End of the Month Grotto Getaway!*
Visit The Spa the last Friday and Saturday of each month for your Hydrating Body Treatment in The Grotto, as well as use of all of our Spa Amenities for the day, for only $40!
Turn your visit into a party, and bring your friends for a huge savings on a day for you to rest, relax and restore.
* End of the Month Grotto Getaway is a specially designed package for those needing some end of the month down time, the last Friday and Saturday of any month, with groups of five or more friends. (Individual and smaller group pricing also available.)
Regular menu pricing for group weekend Grotto visits - $65 per person