Brow & Lash Treatments



Let our certified technicians create

"eye opening" appeal 

and add pop to your peepers!




Lash Lift (Perming)*
Lash Lift creates the appearance of longer, fuller natural lashes without the aid of cosmetics or wearing artificial enhancements. This pain-free treatment lifts/perms your natural lashes to offer lasting results for four weeks, and beyond. 60 minutes, $125 

Pair your Lash Lift with a Lash Tint and Brow Tint to maximize the appearance of 
your newly enhanced eyes!

Tinting your brows changes your brow color by adding depth, and adds the illusion of thickness and dimension. Richer tones on your brows will help to "frame" your eyes, offering a more finished look to your face.

Tinting your lashes gives your lashes the "look" you deserve.  With darkening the full length of each lash, your eyes will have a more "put together" look even before your mascara.  A year round choice for every on-the-go-gal.  Great for by the pool, vacation time, the workout die-hard, the fast and furious mom. Everyone will enjoy this "no muss, no fuss" prep!


Eyebrow Tinting $15
Eyelash Tinting $25
Brow & Lash Together $35







Click here to learn how to prepare for your Lash Lift.

*Individual results will vary.